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The ensembles

Verum Audium Vocal Ensemble (VA:VE)

At the heart of Verum Audium is the Verum Audium Vocal Ensemble as a versatile chamber choir with professional ambitions. Founded in 2015 by Benjamin Hartmann, the VA:VE is a group of highly experienced ensemble singers. While every member has enjoyed professional training as a solo singer we all share the passion of blending our voices into a choral sound. You will have guessed, that requires a lot more than just perfect singing qualities: most of all we listen - to our colleagues and ourselves.


Our members enjoy fine solo careers and sing in distinguished ensembles such as the Swedish Radio Choir, MDR Radio Choir, Eric Ericsons Kammarkör, the World Youth Choir, the Stuttgart Chamber Choir, JSB Ensemble and ARTON Ensemble among others.


With its passionate musik-making and professional ambitions, VA:VE stands out and fascinates audiences in many ways. We dedicate our voices to something bigger than anyone could achieve individually: a great sense of musical teamwork.


VA:VE usually consists of 8 to 24 singers who come together for a number of different projects during the year. We sing a variety of styles from Renaissance music to demanding contemporary pieces, focussing on a cappella repertoire mainly. Throughout the different styles we keep experimenting and try hard to find a common expression and an authentic tone for each individual piece. Always searching for this true sound the composer might have had in mind - the "verum audium"...

Verum Audium Baroque Consort (VA:BC)

Verum Audium feels a strong connection to the city of Leipzig, Germany, where Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was a most influential figure as probably the most famous Thomaskantor. He wrote his weekly cantatas as well as his larger works for the St Thomas Boys' Choir and instrumentalists at the Leipzig Thomaskirche. In the Verum Audium Baroque Consort (VA:BC) instrumentalists with a special interest in the adequate performance of Baroque music come together and work with pieces by J. S. Bach and of course other Baroque composers as well, whereby the Baroque Consort often acts as the Vocal Ensemble's instrumental partner. Usually we play on period instruments and take into account the research of historically aithentic performance practice.

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